Webinar by Iuris Jura: Feb 20

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Iuris Jura started in the year 2020, aiming to create legal awareness and provides learning related to the law topics. Iuris Jura is an e-learning platform for legal learning aspirants which gives the opportunities to all the law aspirants across India. We have put an effort so that the law aspirants and the legal fraternity can associate with us. Moreover, it is an organization that always endeavours to offer an astonishing cordial and practical outlook with equal co-operation and participation from all. Basically, it moulds the legal thought process which modernizes the socio-economic lifestyle.

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The main aim behind making such a vast platform is to get benefited in the best possible way in legal learning, to create legal awareness all along, and to showcase the hidden talents through blogs, articles, and so on. We are trying our best to give with all law-related content throughout, from which one could easily grasp opportunities to gain the best of it and in a quite interesting way to boost up their career in the legal realm.

We make sure that it will be a great pleasure for the law students and legal fraternity to be part of this organization. There is a lot more on the way such as brainstorming quizzes, webinars, content writing, etc. Additionally, we give regular updates from the legal fields, law notes as well as publish blogs.

About the Webinar

Iuris Jura takes immense pride in announcing that we are organising a Webinar on:

  • “Criminalising comedy vis-a-vis freedom of speech and expression (13th February 2021,11 A.M.)”.

About the Speaker


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Anyone interested in the topic – “Criminalising comedy vis-à-vis freedom of speech and expression”.



Registration Procedure

  • To register for Webinar by Iuris Jura, click here
  • Registration fee: FREE


Note – E-Certificate will be provided to all those who will attend both the webinars.


  • Legal Bites Academy discount coupons to the top attendees/participants [10% OFF].
  • Discount coupon worth INR 200 to the top attendees on anyone online certificate course by Memo Pundits.
  • Discount coupon worth INR 100 to the remaining attendees on anyone online certificate course by Memo Pundits.

Note – Top Attendees will be decided by the organizers.

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  • Call: 7999755987, 7828046618
  • For Further Details Visit our Website and our Social media handles.

Webinar by Iuris Jura

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Lipi Garg

Lipi Garg

Lipi is the Assistant Publishing Editor of Memo Pundits. For help in publishing details of any event, please email at lipi.garg@memopundits.com

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