National Workshop on Contract Drafting | Impact Victory: Feb 20-24

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About the Organization

Impart Victory is a platform to equip professionals and enhance the cumulative growth of individuals. We are working on different fields of law to embarking knowledge. We furnish the opportunity to the individuals while working on the operations of the organization. The
the ultimate aim is to impart knowledge to individuals.

About the National Workshop

Impart Victory is organizing a workshop – a learning session to let everyone learn the legal dimensions in these ever-changing circumstances. We will facilitate the different concepts of learning even by monitoring your knowledge. The workshop will focus specifically on the individual learning of the participants.


Learn the art of using Bluebook and Oscola through our
Online course on Citation Methods!


The program is open to students as well as professionals of any field of study. Students can enroll in the program irrespective of their year of study.

Important information

  • The workshop is a five-day program for a better understanding and proper evaluation of the learning program.
  • It is scheduled for 20th February 2021 till 24th February 2021.
  • Participants will be provided with a set of modules and with the assignments on various topics of modules.
  • The Panelist will assist the participants during the workshop. The resource person to the event will help the participants to cope up with the session.


  • Registration fee: Rs. 250
  • To register, click here.


  • Online internship opportunity at Impart victory to Top three participants.
  • Certificate of excellence to top three participants.
  • Best performers will get the opportunity to get the benefits of our Student Encouragement Program.
  • The top ten participants will be invited to the “Advanced workshop session on Drafting”.
  • All the participants will get the certificate of completion of the workshop.


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Payment methods and details

Details regarding account transfer:

  • Account number- +919557804856
  • Account holder name – Amrit Ghoshi
  • IFSC code – PYTM0123456
  • Paytm UPI – amritghoshi@paytm


For any queries, write us at
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Madhuja Chatterjee

Madhuja Chatterjee

Madhuja is a Content Writer at Memo Pundits. She is from School of Law, Christ University. She likes writing blogs on creative topics!

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