Upcoming Research Papers: Dec-Mar’21


Here are details of all Research Papers which have a submission deadline between Dec-Mar’21:


Harvard Business Law Review | Call For Submissions

  • Submission Deadline: Rolling Submissions
Ex Gratia Law Journal- BLawG’s Call For Blogs 
  • Submission Deadline: Rolling Submissions

Call For Blogs At The Society For Constitutional Law Discussion

Call for Papers by The Corporate Law Journal
  • Submission Deadline: Rolling Submissions
Christ University Law Journal’s Call for Papers
  • Submission Deadline: Dec 30
  • Theme: Labour Law Reforms In India And Its Implications

Call For Papers By The Arbitration & Corporate Law Review

  • Submission Deadline: Jan 15

Call For Papers By LegalEagle Law Forum

  • Submission Deadline: Jan 20

Call For Papers [Volume 2 Issue 1] | Burnished Law Journal

  • Submission Deadline: Mar 10

Call For Papers | National Law School Journal 2020-21

  • Submission Deadline: Mar 15

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Lipi Garg

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