Research Papers Almanac

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Here are details of all Research Papers which have a registration date in Oct-Dec:


LexForti Legal Journal’s Call For Papers [Vol II, Issue I, ISSN 2582-2942]

  • Submission Deadline: Oct 6
  • Prize Money: 10k

Judicate Me’s Call For Papers Vol. III On “Law, Science, And Management” 

  • Submission Deadline: Oct 10
  • Publication Fee:
    The single-authored article is INR 600
    Co-authored article in INR 1100.
    Co-authors up to three is INR 1700
    Co-authors up to five are INR 2800
    Co-author up to Eleven is INR 5500

Call For Papers by NLIU Journal For Labour And Employment Law

  • Submission Deadline: Oct 15

Call For Papers By RGNUL Student Research Review-Journal [Volume 7, Issue 1]

  • Registration Deadline: Oct 15

Call For Papers By International Journal For Legal Research And Analysis
[ISSN 2582-6433, Vol 1 Issue 5]

  • Submission Deadline: Oct 20
  • Prize Money: 7k
  • Publication Fee:
    Rs. 800 for Single authorship
    Rs. 1000 for Co-authorship up to two
    Rs. 1200 for Co-authorship up to three

Call for submissions by The Legal Amigos

  • Submission of Abstract: Oct 28
  • Submission of Paper: Nov 15
  • Publication Fee:
    250 for Single authorship
    400 for Co-authorship up to two
    For Foreign Author(s): 10 USD

Ex Gratia Law Journal- BLawG’s Call For Blogs 

  • Submission Deadline: Rolling Submissions

Call for Papers by The Corporate Law Journal

  • Submission Deadline: Rolling Submissions

Delhi Law Review’s Call For Papers Volume 8 [Student Edition]

  • Submission Deadline: Nov 1

4th Juriscriptor Research Competition by La Senatus Scriptors [ISSN- 2582-6638]

  • Submission Deadline: Nov 10
  • Entry Fee: INR 50/-

GNLU’s Call For Papers: Gujarat Law Journal [Volume 5 Issue 1]

  • Submission Deadline: Nov 15

Burnished Law Journal’s Call for Papers [Volume 1, Issue 4]

  • Submission Deadline: Dec 10

Call For Papers (Volume 1, Issue 2) by Law Essentials Journal

  • Submission Deadline: Dec 10
  • Publication Fee:
    Single Authorship – INR 300
    Co-Authorship – INR 400

Christ University Law Journal’s Call for Papers

  • Submission Deadline: Dec 30
  • Theme: Labour Law Reforms In India And Its Implications


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