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The purpose of this journal serves is to provide a compilation of scholastic works pertaining to legal studies and arbitration with a recognised ISBN registered in the United Kingdom [ISBN 978-1-5272-8536-1].
This journal may be anticipated to encompass a wide repertoire and compilation of inputs ranging from various nuanced intricacies of the legal discipline expounded upon, to exploring the nature and functioning of the arbitral institutions. This journal may be exercised as an instrument of assistance to legal studies or just to casually acquire information about the arcane intricacies of the legal discipline.

Call for Papers by IJLSA

The International Journal for Legal Studies and Arbitration is accepting submissions till 15 February 2022. Manuscripts received after would be considered for Volume II Edition I


Anything encompassed within the expansive contours of contemporary legal issues or those relating to arbitration law or public international law will be entertained and accepted for the Call for Papers by IJLSA.

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Submission Categories

  • Long Articles (4500-8000 words*): The article must be a comprehensive analysis of a contemporary legal issue or in arbitration law and should include references to a range of sources and contributions.
  • Short Articles (2500-4500 words*): The article must be an analysis of a contemporary legal issue or in arbitration law and should include a reference to a range of sources and contributions in the form of alternatives and suggestions.
  • Case Comments (1500-3000 words*): The comment must be an analysis of a recent judgment, bringing out its relevance in light of the development of law, views expressed in the judgment and the opinion(s) of the author.
  • Book Reviews (1500-3000 words*): The review must be a crisp account of a recently published book on a legal issue or arbitration law, including the issues explored and related arguments of the author.

*The word limit is inclusive of footnotes and abstract. The said word limit may be relaxed up to 10%, at the discretion of the Editorial Board. The author possesses the discretion to register for more than one category, and there exists no bar on the number of entry submissions.

Submission Guidelines

  • All articles/book reviews submitted should be typed in font Times New Roman with font size 12, line spacing 1.5′; justified.
  • Footnotes cited in the manuscript should be typed in font Times New Roman with font size 10, line spacing 1′; justified.
  • While OSCOLA (4th Edition) citation style is preferred, any citation style is accepted as long as it is consistent.
  • All Long and Short Articles must contain an abstract.

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Submission Process

To submit your papers, click here.

Submissions sent via any other medium will not be accepted.

Selection Process

Upon submission, you will receive an intimation within 7-10 working days regarding whether your manuscript/paper has passed the preliminary review process.

Once selected, your paper will go through a two-step editorial process and IJLSA may reach out to you for clarifications/edits.


Palak Gupta

Palak Gupta

Palak is an Assistant Publishing Editor at Memo Pundits. She is from Symbiosis Law School, Nagpur. She is highly organized and uses a series of tools to help herself stay on top of deadlines. Always proactive about seeking new opportunities, she seeks growth in every aspect of her life.

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