Call for Contributions for Edited Volume | Centre for Corporate Law, NLUO: Submit by Aug 16

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Centre for Corporate Law, National Law University Odisha (hereinafter “CCL, NLUO”) proposes to come up with an edited volume with a multi-disciplinary approach on the “Contemporary issues on the laws of Insolvency and Bankruptcy”.


The Insolvency and Bankruptcy (hereinafter “I&B”) Code was enacted with the aim to bolster the credit and capital markets in India. Similarly, through this initiative, the CCL, NLUO wishes to bolster research and contribute to the literature on the said subject by engaging Academicians, Professionals, and Research Scholars researching and working in the field of I&B. 

About the Edited Book

The Edited Volume will encompass several chapters thematically pertinent to the contemporary issues in the field of I&B. The submissions can be made in accordance with the following suggestive themes:

  • The interplay of statutory dues and the Indian insolvency regime: An undue advantage?
  • Insolvency in the Aviation Industry: Need of separate legislation?
  • Evolution of Moratorium under Section 14 of IBC: Empowered?
  • Pre-Package Insolvency
  • Avoidable Transactions under IBC, 2016
  • Nexus between M&A and IBC, 2016
  • Guarantors liability under IBC, 2016
  • Group Insolvency in Indian Insolvency Regime
  • Reverse Piercing of Corporate Veil: How does it support the present Insolvency Regime?
  • Settlement Agreements under IBC: Way out?
  • Foreign Investment Instruments and IBC 2016
  • Insolvency of RBI regulated entities in light of the recent DHFL saga
  • The interplay between IBC and other legislations

However, the contributors shall not be restricted to the above-mentioned themes and are open to submit book chapters under the theme “Contemporary issues on the laws of Insolvency and Bankruptcy”.

The number of Chapters to be published shall be subject to the number of submissions, however, at least 5 chapters is a minimum number to be published on the said theme.

About the Centre

The CCL, NLUO as it is called, is an initiative of National Law University Odisha, Cuttack to promote interdisciplinary research in corporate law, and related fields like insolvency, commercial arbitration, securities, competition law, etc. The CCL, NLUO aims at creating an effective platform of discussion and discourse on the latest issues and challenges in corporate law and related areas to come up with logical solutions and create awareness among the law students and the academia about the same. In furtherance of the objectives, CCL, NLUO has launched the “CCL Blog – Corporate Law Blog”. This would help bolster research within academia while simultaneously providing them with content abreast of updated information and analysis.

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Submission Procedure

Academicians, practitioners, and research scholars having expertise/interest in the given area/themes are invited to submit an original unpublished paper on or before 16th August 2021 to  The Subject of the email should clearly mention ‘Paper for CCL Edited Volume on Contemporary Issues of I&B’. Further, undergraduate and post-graduate students can assist the concerned academician and practitioners in the capacity of a Co-author. However, no individual submissions from the students shall be considered for the edited book.

The length of the paper should normally be between 4500 to 7500 words and an abstract of 250-300 words should also be sent along with the paper. The abstract should highlight the entire flow of the chapter with specific issues and a minimum of 5 keywords. The author(s) is/are required to attach a Cover Letter containing all personal details [Name of the author(s), their degrees, Designation, Name of Institution/ Organisation that they are associated with] in a separate document with the entry.

All CCL Contributions for Edited Volume must be attached with the email in Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) format at 

Submission Guidelines

The CCL Contributions for Edited Volume shall be contemporary in nature, shall contribute to the existing literature and only original papers will be accepted for publication. Revised versions of papers that were published earlier would not be accepted. Submissions with plagiarized content and copyright issues will be rejected outrightly. 

The book will be published by CCL, NLUO, and Eastern Book Company, an intellectual giant in the field of Indian Legal publishing. Established in 1942, EBC is India’s leading law publisher and information services provider headed by professionals from top business and law schools. EBC is a pioneer in the Indian Legal E-Books and E-Learning.

Copyright will rest with CCL, NLUO and the authors will have to sign a Declaration of Originality and Transfer of Copyright Agreement. With regard to the selection of papers, the decisions of Editors will be final. Only one entry is allowed per author. Authors must strictly adhere to guidelines, failing which their submissions may not be considered.

Font Type and Size (Main Text) Times New Roman, 12
Font Type and Size (Footnotes) Times New Roman, 10
Line Spacing (Main Text) and (Footnotes) 1.5, Single
Citation Format OSCOLA 4th Edition
File Format .doc or .docx
Joint Authorship A maximum of two authors can collaborate for any submission.
Mailing address for submission
Last Date for Submission 16th August 2021

Name of the File


Name of the Author + Title of the Submission

Checklist for Submission 1.  Abstract with Keywords

2.  Main Contribution

3.  List of References

4.  Declaration of Originality

5.  Copyright Clearance

Structure Headings should be set as follows:

Highest level: I., II., III., IV., V., etc.

Second level: A., B., C., D., etc.

Third level: 1., 2., 3., 4., etc. 

Fourth level: a., b., c., d., etc.

Style Guideline Please use the British (-size) spelling style consistently throughout your manuscript.

Use single quotation marks, except where ‘a quotation is “within” a quotation. Long quotations should be indented without quotation marks.

Do note that long quotations of more than three lines should be indented without quotation marks. Please spell out one to ten; from 11 onwards, please use numerals. For percentage, please use ‘per cent’ (e.g. 15 per cent) in text but use ‘%’ in footnotes (e.g. 15%). 

The deadline for submission is 16th August 2021. The submission should be made at The subject of the email must be “Paper for CCL Edited Volume on Contemporary Issues of I&B”. The name of the file must contain the Name of the Author(s) + Title of the Submission. The CCL Contributions for Edited Volume must be accompanied by a covering letter. 

Contact Details

For inquiries, kindly drop a mail at with the subject [Query] or contact at 

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