Call for Blogs by Legal Jural

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The Blog Is Our Key Aspect At The Moment, Currently, It Has Posts From A Number Of Industry Professionals, Students, Doctorate Researchers Etc. Which Revolve Around The Legality Of A Case, The Current Legal Scenario, And Rights. Our Plan Is To Provide Quality Blogs For Both Students And Professionals And Be The Link During The Transition Phase.

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All Topics Amidst The Ambit Of Legal Education And Profession Are Welcome

Word Limit

  • Minimum 800,
  • Maximum 1000.

Submission Procedure

  • To submit for Call for Blogs by Legal Jural, click here

Entry Fees



E- Certificate Upon Posting Of The Blog On Our Website.

All Upcoming Research Paper Submissions: Click Here

Submission Guidelines

  • The Work Should Not Be Plagiarized More Than 10%, Excessive Plagiarism May Lead To Rejection.
  • All References To Other Texts Must Be Hyperlinked In The Write-Up Itself, No Other Modes Of Citation Are Allowed.
  • Copyright Of All Blog Posts Shall Remain With Legal Jural; However, The Moral Rights Shall Vest With The Author.
  • The Language Has To Be Politically Neutral And Not Conflicting With The General Guidelines.
  • The Language Should Be Civil And Neutral And Should Not Defame Another Person.
  • The Final Discretion Will Be Of Legal Jural


For Queries related to Call for Blogs by Legal Jural, you may contact us at Info@Legaljural.Com

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Lipi Garg

Lipi Garg

Lipi is the Assistant Publishing Editor of Memo Pundits. For help in publishing details of any event, please email at

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