Call for Blogs by Legal Jural: Rolling Basis

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About the organisation

The is a student-run initiative, aimed to act as a platform for promoting high-quality legal research and writing on a variety of legal issues among the budding legal minds of India.

Our primary objective is to develop a sense of enthusiasm towards legal research among young law students and provide them with a platform to exhibit their skills in a way that is helpful to the legal fraternity across India. In our endeavour, we will provide a range of opportunities to law students in India to hone their knowledge and legal research skills. We will attempt to host various competitions such as blog/article writing competitions, judgement writing competition and the like to engage students in a range of highly effective activities which will supplement their academics as well as research skills.

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About the Blog

The Blog is a student-run initiative that showcases submissions from lawyers, academicians, legal scholars and law students on various interdisciplinary issues related to law and policy. The blog will stand as a platform for hosting a wide range of scholarly legal articles which would provide insights into the latest legal developments in the social, economic and political domains of our country and of the world at large.

Submission Guidelines

LegalJural invites blog submissions on a rolling basis from law professionals, academicians, research scholars and students of law on any topic related to law and policy. Co-authorship is permitted up to a maximum of two authors.


  • LegalJural invites blog submissions on any topic related to law and policy.
  • Submissions which are contemporary in nature are generally preferred.
  • LEGALJURAL generally accepts blogs in the range of 1000-1500 words. However, this range is merely recommendatory in nature and the Editorial Board may accept submissions which do not fall within the said word limit at their own discretion.
  • The content of the article should be both original and unpublished as it would be subjected to a Plagiarism Check.
  • The submission should be made in Microsoft Word doc. Format only

Font Style and Size

  • All submissions must be in Times New Roman
  • The font size should be 12 with line spacing of 1.5 and the text should be justified.
  • Authors must use hyperlinks in their submissions to cite the relevant sources. Use of footnotes is not permissible.
  • If a source cannot be hyperlinked, provide endnotes and follow a uniform citation method. In case, endnotes are present in the submission, the same shall be in Times New Roman, font size 10 and line spacing of 1.0.

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How to submit

  • The submission has to be mailed at The submission must be made in a word file only (.doc or .docx format).
  • The authors should not disclose their identity in the document containing the write up to ensure an anonymous review. The authors are expected to include their short bio in the submission mail itself.
  • The subject of the email should be “Blog Submission”.

Submission Deadlines

LEGALJURAL invites blog submissions on a rolling basis. The Editorial Board will require 10 days to complete the review process from the date of receipt of the article.


For any queries, please contact us at

call for blogs by legal jural

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Lipi Garg

Lipi Garg

Lipi is the Assistant Publishing Editor of Memo Pundits. For help in publishing details of any event, please email at

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