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About this Course

After years of training more than 3,000 law students for moot court competitions, Memo Pundits has introduced an Online Certificate Course on Memorial Making aimed at teaching fundamentals and practicalities of research, formatting and drafting of memorials for moot courts.

Need for the Course


Many students during the beginning of law schools, are challenged with the most basic questions like, ‘what is drafting or formatting?’, ‘how do I research?’ etc. This course has been designed to answer all such question in a manner which aims at skill progression. It begins by dealing with beginner level questions and proceeds to deal with professional level drafting, researching and formatting of memorials. In addition, the course teaches professional citation methods like latest editions of Bluebook and OSCOLA. Rather than focusing on the academic aspect of law, this course focuses of imparting essential professional skills, which are mandatory during internships and jobs, like researching, drafting and formatting..

This course promises to help law students not only in moot court competitions but also in honing their academic skills – giving them an edge over their peers.

Duration of the Course


The Course is comprised of 9 modules. Each module will take roughly 2 hours for an average student. All the course modules and the Final Assessment Test can be completed easily within 2-3 weeks. However, the maximum duration for completion of this course is 2 months from the date of enrolment.

The course will be self-paced and the students can proceed at a speed convenient to them.

[NOTE: Due to the uncertainty regarding the opening of colleges due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we will be extending the duration of the course for students who are not able to complete the course within 2 months.]

Salient Features


Online Accessibility: This course is accessible on laptops (Windows and Apple) and mobile phones and tablets (Android and iOS)

Certificate: Passing students will receive a hardcopy of the Certificate, which will attest to 3 essential skills of the students: Researching, Drafting and Formatting.

Module Features: This interactive course is leagues apart from any other traditional online course offered to law students. The modules contain pre-recorded videos, quizzes, reading and downloadable PDFs, surveys, info-graphics etc. All content is already uploaded and enrolled students can access the contents of the course at any time and for any number of hours. All the course content will be accessible by the students till 2 months from the date of enrolment.

Application based course: Unlike traditional classes in colleges and courses on internet, this course focuses more on the application part of the theory. Hence, it is a skill-oriented course.

Expectations after Course completion

>  Proficiency in drafting moot court memorials, research papers and write-ups.

>  Efficiency in using Microsoft Word for formatting memorials, projects, research papers, articles, CVs, etc.

>  Improved answer-writing skills in exams.

>  Stark difference in your quality of academic works and projects.

>  Efficiency in use of research databases like Manupatra and SCC Online.
(Note: You do not need access to Manupatra or SCC Online to complete the Course)

>  Accurate use of citations methods: Bluebook (Ed. 20th) and OSCOLA

About the Faculty


  • Module 1

    Introduction to Moots and Mooting

  • Module 2

    Decoding the Moot Proposition

  • Module 3

    Legal Research for Moot Courts

  • Module 4

    Drafting Styles and Strategies

  • Module 5

    Basics of Memorial Making

  • Module 6

    Dissecting a Memorial

  • Module 7

    Professionally Formatting a Memorial

  • Module 8

    Footnotes, Citations and Tables

  • Module 9

    Do's and Dont's of Mooting

Frequently Asked Questions

The Online Memorial Making Certificate Course by Memo Pundits is a first-of-its-kind course, where all memorial making related skills such as research drafting and formatting are taught in an engaging manner.

This course is designed to create an engaging environment for the students with the help of tools such as interactive videos, practice quizzes and real life mooting examples

There are 9 modules in this course. Each module will take roughly 2 hours for an average student. All the course modules and the final assessment test must be completed within 2 months from the date of enrollment. You will have access to all course content for a period of 2 months.

The course is self-paced. You can access the contents of the course at any time and for any number of hours. The completion of any course module does not have a fixed scheduled date. However, all course modules including the final assessment test must be completed within 2 months from the date of enrollment.

In addition to accessibility through laptops, the course has been designed to be accessible through mobile phones and tablets.

In order to obtain the course certificate, each student is required to complete all course modules and score at least 50% marks in the final assessment test. The final assessment test is in the form of MCQs and is based on the most basic concepts taught in the course.

If for some reason you are unable to complete the course, i.e., complete the modules as well as the Final Assessment Test, and your account is deactivated because of the same, you can re-instate your account for 14 days by paying a re-instatement fee of INR 500. For more details, please email us at

The course fee is non-refundable. You can, however, transfer your enrollment to another student.

We accept payment via all major debit and credit cards, net banking, wallet payment are other available payment modes. Our servers encrypt all information submitted to them, so you can be confident that your information will be kept safe and secure.

Course Features


This course is the ONLY professionally curated course focused on memorial making. Our classroom course on memorial making has been taken by over 2,500 law students.

Interactive and Engaging

The modules are çarefully designed to be interactive and engaging. Illustrations from “Best Memorials” will help students gain a wholistic understanding of memorial making.


Our classroom course on memorial making has helped students win “Best Memorial” awards at various moots such as Philip C. Jessup and Willem C. Vis.

Course Fee

Course Fee

₹ 2,790

₹ 4,499

40% Discount for a limited period

Fee Includes

  • Exclusive Access to all Modules of the Course
  • E-copy and Hardcopy of the Course Certificate on Course Completion
  • 20% discount on all Moot Mentorship Program packages

Student Testimonials

The instructors have worked so hard to come up with this unique course. The lessons we learnt were not just for one moot, but for our entire law school life. I strongly believe that the course is absolutely essential for every law student. Many thanks to Memo Pundits!

"Best Memorial" Team, Philip C. Jessup Moot, 2018 (National Rounds)

This is a course unlike our curriculum. It not only deals with how you moot but the experiences they share helps us to understand the mistakes we do every now and then.

Manthan Sharma
3rd Year Law Student

This Course has a very practical application. As a first year student it gave me an edge over my peers and structured a foundation for a subject we were completely alien to before.

Yashvi Sanghani
1st Year Law Student

The minute details that were pin pointed by the mentors were impressive. I think it would’ve taken a very long time to understand these things on my own.

Aastha Agarwal
2nd Year Law Student

It is something which almost every student strives for but actually lands up nowhere because of the fact that we can’t get any sort of help from the teachers or from our seniors. Therefore your session comes as a boon in all our lives. Thank you.

Yamya Pandey
2nd Year Law Student

The faculty dealt my phobia with mooting in the most friendly manner possible. I am sure that I will be using these lessons throughout my life as a lawyer.

Arijit Sanyal
2nd Year Law Student

The online memorial making course offered by Memo Pundits turned out to be very useful for me… The fashion in which they have explained is effective and efficient. The course gives each and every detail required for making a perfect memorial.

It’s worth enrolling for this course. It will surely help every law student reach great heights in moot courts!

Grishita Chopra
1st Year Law Student

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