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Many students during the beginning of law schools are challenged with the most basic questions like, ‘what is drafting or formatting?’ and ‘how do I research?’.

The Online Memorial Course begins by dealing with beginner-level questions and proceeds to deal with professional-level drafting, researching, and formatting of memorials. In addition, the course teaches professional citation methods like the latest editions of Bluebook and OSCOLA.

This course, having helped over 500 students in winning awards at moot courts, promises to help law students not only in moot court competitions but also in honing their academic skills – giving them an edge over their peers.




  • Become proficient in drafting moot court memorials, research papers and legal drafts.
  • Gain mastery in using MS Word for formatting memorials, projects, research papers, CVs, etc.
  • Accurately use citations methods such as Bluebook (Ed. 20th) and OSCOLA




This course is completely self-paced. It comprises 9 modules. Each module roughly takes 2 hours for an average student. All the course modules and the Final Assessment Test can be completed easily within 2-3 weeks.

Do note that the maximum duration for completion of this course is 2 months from the date of enrolment. If you are unable to complete the course within the stipulated time, you can reinstate your account by paying a nominal fee.




  • Instructors and creators from Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co.
  • 70+ Recorded videos, quizzes, infographics, readings, and downloadable memorial templates
  • Easy-to-understand course material


    • Module 1: Introduction to Moots and Mooting

      – Set-up, Procedure, and Categories of Moots 
      – Why Should you Moot?
      – How to Choose a Moot?
      – Common Moot Misconceptions


    • Module 2: Decoding the Moot Proposition

      – Introduction to the Moot Proposition
      – Reading the Proposition
      – Research on New Words, Concepts, and Law
      – Identifying Material and Immaterial Facts

    • Module 3: Legal Research for Moot Courts

      – Basics of Legal Research
      – Research with Keyword Search
      – Organising your Research
      – BONUS: List of Books by Reputed Authors

    • Module 4: Drafting Styles and Strategies

      – IRAC method of Drafting
      – Drafting Issues into Sub-issues
      – Simple, Consistent, and Grammatically Correct Drafting

    • Module 5: Basics of Memorial Making

      – Features of a Memorial
      – Rules for Memorial Making
      – Sections of a Memorial
      – Common Qualities of Best Memorials

    • Module 6: Dissecting a Memorial

      – Drafting the Cover Page, Statement of Facts, and Statement of Jurisdiction
      – Drafting the Issues Raised, Summary of Arguments, and more.


    • Module 7: Professionally Formatting a Memorial

      – Basic Formatting Tools Using MS Word
      – MS Word Shortcuts
      – Editing the Header/Footer and Page Layout
      – BONUS: Pre-formatted Memorial Outline 


    • Module 8: Footnotes, Citations, and Tables

      – Footnotes and Citations
      – The 3 C’s of Citations
      – Marking Citations and Generating a Table of Authorities
      – Marking Heading and Generating a Table of Contents


  • Module 9: Do’s and Don’ts of Mooting

    – Do’s and Don’ts of Mooting
    – Concluding Remarks



Anant Gupta
Anant Gupta
CEO, Memo Pundits

⇢  Ex-Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas; NLUO (’16)
⇢  Runners-up, NUJS-HSF Corporate Moot

Rachnendra Tripathi
Rachnendra Tripathi
COO, Memo Pundits

⇢  Runners-up & Best Memorial, G.H. Raisoni Moot
⇢  Mentor of Best Memorial Team, FYLC Ranka Moot


The Online Memorial Course is a beautifully crafted course. It covers almost all that one needs to know to prepare winning memos. The course is a must for every law student.
Rishabh Jain
National Law University, Jodhpur
This course is a perfect stepping stone to the world of mooting for a law student. It starts with the basics and progresses on to the essentials drafting. I would especially suggest this course to those who fear mooting.
Akshaya Kapoor
Jindal Global Law School
It was my first course on mooting and I had a great time learning new concepts and ideas about how to draft memorials. I would recommend this to there and will wait for upcoming courses by Memo Pundits.
Kavan Patel
WB NUJS, Kolkata

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