Learn the art of using Bluebook (latest) and other Citation Methods in your research papers, moot memorials, articles and dissertations!



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Have you ever wondered why researchers cite every source in their research work? Why is it important to cite in the first place?

Any piece of academic work goes through several rounds of vetting before finally getting printed or published on a website. Your work would easily pass these multiple rounds of editing with minimum criticism and positive feedback if you take the trouble of citing all the sources you have referred and present correct information.

After several hours of research, edits and additions, Memo Pundits is elated to launch its Online Course on Citation Methods.


What will you learn in this course?


  • What to cite, how to cite and when to cite
  • Using Bluebook (21st and 20th edition) and OSCOLA
  • Using Standard Indian Legal (SILC) and Uniform Citation Style
  • Tools to make citing resources easier


Will I have to attend lectures as we do in college?


No. The course is completely self paced. You can go through the course anytime you want as per your convenience.


What will be the course duration?


The course duration is 2 months. You can view the videos, read the resources and review them again in these 2 months.


What is the Course Fees?


INR 600 [A Happy meal @ Mcdonalds costs more than this! ;)]


How will the course be delivered?


We have curated interesting recorded videos, short quizzes, infographics and reading materials around citations. 

What if I have any queries while going through the course?


Our team will help you with your queries on WhatsApp. We will be hosting regular live doubt resolution video sessions. You will also have life-time access to the WhatsApp group.

What will I receive after I finish the course successfully?

We do not support the concept of hard-work without rewards. You will receive a completion certificate from Memo Pundits.


  • Module 1: Introduction to Citation Styles

  • Module 2: Categorisation of Research Sources

  • Module 3: Bluebook 21st Edition (Latest)

  • Module 4: Bluebook 20th Edition

  • Module 5: Oxford Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA)

  • Module 6: Standard Indian Legal Citation (SILC)

  • Module 7: Uniform Method of Citation

  • Module 8: Citations Made Easy: MS-Word Tools and Online Assistance


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