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The art of oral argumentation is critical for a lawyer’s success in the field of law. The most legendary lawyers around the world have had mastery over this art.

Mooting is considered the most crucial co-curricular activity for any law student. However, more often than not, students are not able to get guidance in preparing for the oral rounds of a moot court competition.

The Online Argumentation Course is aimed to put an end to your fear of public speaking. It provides useful tips and tricks to become more confident. It also teaches how to face intimidating judges, prepare compendiums and even tackle rebuttal and sur-rebuttal rounds.

Moot court courses by Memo Pundits, having helped thousands of students in acing moots, promise to help law students not only in moot court competitions but also in honing their lawyering skills – giving them an edge over their peers.



  • Understand how to prepare for oral rounds.
  • Be comfortable in facing intimidating judges.
  • Speak confidently and fluently.
  • Become proficient in preparing for virtual moots.




This course is completely self-paced. It comprises 9 modules. Each module roughly takes 2 hours for an average student. All the course modules and the Final Assessment Test can be completed easily within 3-4 weeks.

Do note that the maximum duration for completion of this course is 2 months from the date of enrolment. If you are unable to complete the course within the stipulated time, you can reinstate your account by paying a nominal fee.




  • 40+ Lessons from Veteran Mooters from Harvard Law School, Cambridge and Oxford
  • 70+ Recorded videos, quizzes, infographics, readings, and downloadable speech templates
  • Easy-to-understand course material


  • Module 1: Introduction to Mooting and Oral Rounds

    – What is a Moot Court Competition?
    – What is the Structure of Oral Rounds?
    – Common Misconceptions of Oral Rounds


  • Module 2: Public Speaking for Law Students

    – Importance of Public Speaking in Law
    – Vocal Qualities of a Good Speech – Pronunciation, Articulation, and Body Language
    – Ways to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking


  • Module 3: Structuring and Using a Transcript

    – Elements of a Transcript
    – Drafting of a Transcript
    – Annexure to a Transcript
    BONUS: Templates of Transcripts for your Next Moot


  • Module 4: Preparing and Referring to a Compendium

    – Elements of a Compendium
    – Aesthetics of a Compendium
    – When and How to use a Compendium


  • Module 5: Conducting Effective Practice Rounds

    – Practising with Different Types of Benches
    – Choosing Who to Practise With
    – Practising to Answer Questions and Time Management
    – Rebuttals and Sur-rebuttals


  • Module 6: Courtroom Attire, Etiquette and Mannerisms

    – Court Room Attire and Properly Addressing Everyone
    – Court Room Etiquette and Body Language
    – Ways to Appear Confident during Oral Rounds


  • Module 7: Answering the Judges’ Questions

    – Why do Judges ask Questions?
    – How to Answer Questions from the Bench?
    – How to Disagree with the Bench?


  • Module 8: Arbitrations, Trial Advocacy and Virtual Moots

    – Acing Arbitration Moots
    – Acing Trial Advocacy Competitions
    – Dealing with Virtual Moots


  • Module 9: Do’s and Don’ts of Oral Argumentation

    – Do’s and Don’ts of Oral Argumentation
    – Concluding Remarks



Anant Gupta
Anant Gupta
CEO, Memo Pundits

⇢  Ex-Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas; NLUO (’16)
⇢  Runners-up, NUJS-HSF Corporate Moot

Istuti Kapoor
Istuti Kapoor

⇢  Hon’ble Mention (Memo), Willem C. Vis Moot
⇢  Semi-Finalists, Manfred Lachs Moot (India Rounds)

Aaratrika Bhaumik
Aaratrika Bhaumik

⇢  Hon’ble Mention (Memo), Willem C. Vis Moot
⇢  Semi-Finalist, ICC Moot (India Rounds)



Shreya Jain
Shreya Jain
Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co.

⇢  Harvard Law School, NLSIU
⇢  Winners, Philip C. Jessup (World Rounds)

Saunak Rajguru
Saunak Rajguru
J. Sagar Associates

⇢  Winner & Best Speaker, BCI Moot
⇢  Winner & Best Advocate, FYLC Ranka Moot

Rishabh Dheer
Rishabh Dheer
Incoming LL.M. Candidate, University of Cambridge

⇢  Judge, Philip C. Jessup (World Rounds)
⇢  Recipient of the prestigious Chevening Scholarship

Priyanka Murali
Priyanka Murali
J. Sagar Associates

⇢  Runners-up, NUJS-HSF Corporate Moot
⇢  Best Speaker, D.M. Harish Moot

Rakshit Akshay Jha
Rakshit Akshay Jha
Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co.

⇢  Winner, RMLNLU-SCC Online Moot
⇢  Runners-up, Lawasia International Moot (Sri Lanka)

Sneha Priya Yanappa
Sneha Priya Yanappa
Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy

⇢  University of Oxford (J.N. Tata Scholar)
⇢  Best Speaker & Runners-up, NUSRL Trial Advocacy

Shourya Bari
Shourya Bari
Samvad Partners

⇢  Coach of Finalist Team, Willem C. Vis
⇢  “Outstanding Contribution to Mooting” Prize (JGLS)

Arpit Jain
Arpit Jain
Civil Judge, Madhya Pradesh

⇢  Winners, NUALS National Moot
⇢  Best Memorial, K.K. Luthra Moot

Rohan George
Rohan George
Ex-Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co.

⇢  Winner & Best Memo, Philip C. Jessup (India Rounds)
⇢  Coach of Winners, Philip C. Jessup (India Rounds)

Debayan Gupta
Debayan Gupta
Centre for Policy Research

⇢  Winner, Philip C. Jesup (India Rounds)
⇢  Semi-finalist, Philip C. Jesup (World Rounds)

Tanay Khanna
Tanay Khanna
Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co.

⇢  Best Memorial, FDI International Moot
⇢  Runners-up, NUALS Maritime Law Moot

Vegadarshi K
Vegadarshi K
Indus Law

⇢  Hon’ble Mention (Oralist), Phillip. C Jessup (World)
⇢  Runners-up & Best Memo, Phillip. C Jessup (India)

Shaurya Dhoundiyal
Shaurya Dhoundiyal
RGNUL, Patiala

⇢  Winners & Best Memo, Oxford Price (South Asia)
⇢  Semi-finalists, Oxford Price (World Rounds)

Ishita Kheria
Ishita Kheria

⇢  Winner, IMS Law Virtual Moot
⇢  Best Advocate, IMS Law Virtual

Lakshaya Sharma
Lakshaya Sharma

⇢  Semi-finalists & Best Memo, NLSIU Arbitration Moot


I’ve always been scared of public speaking. No matter how good one’s arguments are, they must be put across the right way with confidence in order to impress and make the impact. The course offered by Memo Pundits helped me develop my oratory skills and get over my fear of public speaking, their tips and tricks helped alleviate my fears and I am glad they took so much time into creating such a great course!
Anoushka Pv
The importance of effectively articulating one’s arguments when it comes to mooting & otherwise, cannot be undervalued. The Oral Argumentation course offered by Memo Pundits is one that caters to the requirement of every law student willing to enhance their oratory skills. I highly recommend this course to all the students looking forward to honing the art of public speaking.
Vaishnavi Jain
The Oral Argumentation course offered by Memo Pundits is extremely helpful for students who want to gain confidence in delivering arguments and public speaking. It has really helped me to enhance my skills and gain in-depth quality knowledge on this topic. This course is full of tips and tricks which will help law students like me in mooting.
Radhika Aggarwal

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