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Law students from first-generation law backgrounds often miss out on opportunities that can shape their careers. This happens many times because of a lack of guidance during law school. Important questions such as ‘What all activities to do during law school’, ‘How to build a strong profile for a good job’, and ‘How to apply for internships using cover letters and CVs’ are left unanswered for such students.
The CV, Internships and PPOs Course begins by pointing out the 4+1 corners of law school that a law student must pay attention to. It details each co-curricular activity in the simplest manner possible. The course then dives deep into drafting your own CV and Cover Letter, without the help of anyone else. Finally, it tells you how to choose the correct internship, apply there, and perform well so that you can secure a job at the end of the day!
It is created by experts who have mentored thousands in getting internships and jobs at their dream offices. This course provides all the necessary information to kick-start your journey to your dream job.




  • Master the art of drafting a CV and Cover Letter
  • Know the secret behind ‘performing well’ at internships
  • Understand the tricks of smartly applying and following up on internship applications
  • Make an informed decision about what activities to do during law school and how to choose the right internship
  • Bring one step closer to a pre-placement offer




This course is completely self-paced. It comprises 9 modules. Each module roughly takes 2 hours for an average student. All the course modules can be completed easily within 2 weeks.

Do note that the maximum duration for completion of this course is 60 days from the date of enrolment. If you are unable to complete the course within the stipulated time, you can reinstate your account by paying a nominal fee.




  • Instructors and creators from Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co.
  • 40+ recorded videos, infographics, readings, and downloadable templates
  • Easy-to-understand course material
  • Guaranteed to increase your employability


  • Module 1: Finding your ‘Ideal’ Career option

    – Introspecting about your career by asking life-changing 5 questions
    – Information about all Conventional Career Options + Pros & Cons
    – Information about all Unconventional Career Options + Pros & Cons


  • Module 2: Maximizing your Law School Experience

    – The 4+1 Corners of Law School
    – Academics: does it matter? how much is enough? how to excel?
    – Co-curricular Activities: Moots, Research Papers, Debates, MUNs, Certificate Courses, etc
    – Extra-curricular Activities: importance, types, how to choose?
    – Internships: What to look out for?
    – How to manage time during law school?


  • Module 3: Choosing the Right Internships – A Complete Guide 

    – Internships for 1st Year: How to approach? Where to intern?
    – Internships for 2nd & 3rd Year: How to approach? Where to intern?
    – Internships for 4th & 5th Year: How to approach? Where to intern?
    – Identifying a ‘bad’ Internship
    – Are ‘Virtual Internships’ worth it?


  • Module 4: Understanding the 4 Components of a CV / Resumé

    – Resumé Basics and the 4 Components
    – Educational Experience: What to include, examples, things to take care of
    – Key Internships: What to include, examples, things to take care of
    – Co & Extra-curriculars: What to include, examples, things to take care of
    – Miscellaneous Components


  • Module 5: Creating an Impressive CV / Resumé

    – Making a Resumé with no experience
    – Formatting a Resumé
    – What is White Space? How to increase it?
    – The 10 Commandments of Resumé drafting
    – ATS-Compliant Resumés
    – Resumé Templates and AI-powered Resumé Builders


  • Module 6: Drafting Your Own Cover Letter

    – Cover Letter basics
    – What does a good Cover Letter have?
    – Step-by-step guide to creating your own Cover Letter
    – Cover Letter Templates and AI-powered Cover Letter Builders


  • Module 7: Smartly Applying for Internships

    – Visualising the Process
    Step 1: Finding Available Opportunities – How to hunt opportunities?
    – Step 2: Applying for the Internship –  What common mistakes to avoid while applying?
    – Step 3: Following-up like a Professional – How to follow-up? What to say on a call? text? email?


  • Module 8: The 6 Principles of Performing Well at Internship

    – Importance of Performance for PPOs
    – The 3 Types of Interns and their Behaviour
    – Work Quality, Initiative, Communication, Discipline, etc: What and how do the best interns do differently?


  • Module 9: Pre-planning your Pre-placement Offers (PPOs)

    – Why are PPOs important?
    – What to do to get a PPO?
    – Dealing with failure to get a PPO



Anant Gupta
Anant Gupta
CEO, Memo Pundits

⇢  Ex-Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas; NLUO (’16)
⇢  Runners-up, NUJS-HSF Corporate Moot

Lipi Garg
Lipi Garg
Assistant Course Creator

⇢  Publishing Editor @ Memo Pundits
⇢  VIPS, New Delhi


Everyone should take this course while starting their law school journey. It can shape your career advancements in a way that would give you a decent head start among your peers. The modules are easy to grasp and comprehend. Heartily thank the entire team.
Devansh Dev
NMIMS, Mumbai
This course provides precise information about internships and various methods by which one could secure an internship and further excel in it. It resolved my various misconceptions about getting a tier-1 internship being a non-NLU student.
Kunj Bhagat
Lloyd Law College
Being a first-generation law student in my family, it was a bit hard for me to get to understand all these requisites previously. I got this wonderful opportunity through LinkedIn and thank you so much for that!
M. Madusubaasini
Sastra University

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