Inserting Section Break in Memorials


If you’ve mooted once or twice, you might have noticed a peculiar yet interesting aspect of some best memorials:

  • Every section of the memorial (index of authorities, statement of facts etc.) has a header stating the section’s name.
  • All sections before the Body of Arguments have page numbers in roman numeral format (i, ii, iii…) but the Body of Arguments has numbers written in normal number format (1, 2, 3…)

How does one do this magic? Let’s find out

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Section Breaks

  • It is an MS Word tool, used to create different headers and footers for different sections of the memorandum. Thus, Section Break lets us divide any two headers/footers into two separate sections, which could be edited separately.
  • What you need to do is to understand the concept of section break on MS Word. Once you get a hang of it, you can use your creativity to make different headers and footers for different sections.
  • The following tutorial video will tell you the steps which will are required to use this MS Word tool. It is basically a two-step process:
    (a) inserting a section break; and
    (b) removing the link to the previous section.

Bonus Tip: Deleting a Section Break

Step 1

Go to ‘Home’ option and click the “¶“ button. Once clicked, this button should appear highlighted. (The shortcut key to this entire step is ‘Ctrl+Shift”8’).

Step 2

Scroll down to the text, where you inserted the Section Break. If it has been inserted properly, it will appear like this:

Step 3

Place your cursor immediately right to the section break and press backspace to delete it.

Step 4

Go to ‘Home’ option and click the “¶“ button. Now, this button should not appear highlighted. (The shortcut key to this entire step is ‘Ctrl+Shift”8’).

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VOILA! Your section break has been removed.

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