Qualities of a Good Researcher | A Complete Guide!


Researchers are a key asset to a Moot Court team. The role of a researcher varies from researching key issues to checking the formatting of the memorial. It is, therefore, a very crucial job and not all people can handle it. Have you been wondering whether you should be a researcher? Here’s a guide to help you through the Qualities of a good researcher:

1. Grit and Diligence

Out of the many qualities that a good researcher must possess, diligence tops the list. This will help in increasing the efficiency of the team. As a researcher, one must ensure that they are making realistic deadlines and sticking to them. Sometimes the issues might be complex legal problems. When that happens, it is important that you effectively exploit all the resources at hand.


2. Use of Legal Database

Legal databases have a variety of options available to facilitate research and make it easy. A good researcher knows how to use an online database such as SCC Online, Westlaw or Manupatra, etc. effectively. Knowing how to effectively use the online legal database to extract case-laws saves your time.


3. Knowing how to read Judgments

A good researcher knows how to locate the important parts of a judgment. Judgment can be of varying length and can range from 10 to 1000 pages. Therefore reading all pages of a judgment can be tiresome and unfruitful at times. The role of a researcher requires you to read 10-15 judgments at one stretch and therefore speed reading is an important characteristic which helps you in skimming through long judgments and identify the important parts. (Read: A Comprehensive List of Landmark Judgments For Any Constitutional Law Moot)

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4. Knowledge of Citation style

Citation is one of the most important parts of the memorial. Different Moot Court Competitions prefer different citation styles but the most common ones are OSCOLA and Bluebook.  A good researcher should have the working knowledge of the citation style, to be followed while citing in a moot court memorial. Following the citation, the method is an important part of formatting and sends a good first impression.QUALITIES OF A GOOD RESEARCHER

5. Know how to format

Formatting is one of the key aspects of a Memorial. Every Moot Court Competition has the “Best Memorial Award”, won by the team following the formatting and citation instructions. (Read: How to draft a Moot Court Memorial?) Avoid lousy drafting and spelling mistakes. One must always adhere to the formatting guidelines given by the organizers. To learn how to format a memorial, one can always opt for the online courses available at Memo Pundits.

6. Prepare well for researchers test

Researchers Test is meant to test various qualities of a good researcher, including knowledge related to the facts, law, intricacies of the Moot Problem etc. (Read: How to read a Moot Problem?) The Researcher’s test may include both subjective and objective type questions. Therefore, as a researcher, one should be well prepared for it.

A researcher is the back-bone of a moot team. A collective effort from all the members will lead you to success. Thus, it is important that you pay an active effort before and during the Competition by assisting the speakers at all points. If you are new to this and need help, check out Memo Pundits for affordable courses on formatting, and workshops for enhancing your research skills!

About the Author: Akshat Tiwari is student at NMIMS Kirit P Mehta School of Law, Mumbai. He likes mooting and is keen of doing research work. 

About the EditorShivangi Bajpai is a graduate from National Law University Odisha. As a fresher in law school, she was a part of an online law school magazine called Ergo (lawyergo.com) which was largely a peer-connect platform for students from law fraternity.  She has remarkable research skills and was a researcher in Henry Dunant Moot Court Competition, in her second year of law school.  She considers herself a solution-oriented individual making her an effective problem solver.

Lipi Garg

Lipi Garg

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