Importance of a Mentor in a Moot Court Competition


The rigorous preparation required to ace a moot court competition often takes a toll on students. Engaging a mentor by the participating team always helps in reducing the strain. While the process of mooting is more difficult for first-time mooters, it can be challenging for the experienced mooters as well. (Read: Guide for First Time Mooters) Having a mentor provides a guiding path, a comprehensive strategy, and the much-needed advice for better performance. In the absence of a mentor, teams often complain of lacking proper supervision sometimes leading to failure despite dedicated and untiring efforts. Here is your guide to the points of concern while choosing a mentor for your next moot:

1. Knowledge of the Subject Matter

When you picked up a moot on insolvency law, a mentor having bountiful experience in environmental law might not be able to provide the necessary guidance required. With diverse branches of law, it is not possible for an individual to master every aspect with equal precision.  This makes it necessary for you to choose a mentor with sufficient experience and knowledge in the subject matter of the moot proposition. (Read: Landmark Judgments for any Constitutional Law Moot)

What is the Importance of a Mentor in a Moot Court Competition?

2. Participation Experience

Being an excellent legal professional does not imply that the person is a brilliant mooter. Moot Court Competitions depict a courtroom like situation but in reality, are quite different. Therefore a person with no experience in mooting might not able to aptly cater to your needs. Hence, while choosing a mentor, it is important to prefer a person with previous mooting experience.

What is the Importance of a Mentor in a Moot Court Competition?

3. Interest in Mooting

Bulldozing a person into something can never yield fruitful results. Similarly, a mentor who has no interest in moot court competitions won’t be of much help. On the contrary, a moot enthusiast would be dedicated to the moo team, as a mentor. (Read: Benefits of Mooting)

What is the Importance of a Mentor in a Moot Court Competition?

4. Can Devote Time

If the mentor has no time to devote to your cause, this exercise can prove futile. Mooting is not a single day affair. It takes months of untiring and dedicated efforts for the best results. Having a mentor who is profusely preoccupied with prior obligations might not be of much help. Conversely, looking for a person who could invest would be beneficial.

What is the Importance of a Mentor in a Moot Court Competition?

5. Judging Experience

The most preferable choice of a mentor would be a person who has had prior experience of judging a moot court competition. In such a scenario, the biggest advantage would be an understanding of the judge’s expectations. This will give you an edge over other participants.

6. Diverse Encounters

 Most Moot Courts have a similar but not an identical framework. While the underlying principle remains the same, the attached nitty grities differ from case to case. For instance, the preparation strategy for Phillip C. Jessup would differ from that of B.R. Sawhney. The best person to guide in such circumstances would be the one with diverse exposure.

Making the right choice of a mentor is one of the very crucial aspects of the preparation strategy for a moot court competition. And, it is not an easy job. The underlying idea is to get additional support and directives from an experienced professional. Memo Pundits is here with its mentorship program and workshops as your favourite mentor.  With its experienced mentors with a passion for mooting, half your problems will be taken care of. Keep tuned in for exciting updates. Happy Mooting!

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