Bluebook 20th ed. – Cheat Sheet


The Bluebook 20th ed. by Harvard Law School was published in the summer of 2015. While Harvard does not provide an official reference guide / cheat sheet / summary of the Bluebook (unlike the OSCOLA Cheat Sheet), below are our top two unofficial cheat sheets available on the internet. 

Here is the full text of the 20th ed. too!

20th Edition Bluebook PDF (Full Text)

I. Cheat-sheet by Penn State Law (The Pennsylvania State University)


Learn the art of citations. Bluebook, OSCOLA on your fingertips!

Memo Pundits’ Certificate Course on Citation Methods
II. Cheat-sheet by STU Writing Center


In case of any doubt, please refer the original Bluebook 20th ed. for correct referencing. For the perfect analysis of all citation methods, please enrol for our Certificate Course on Citation Methods.

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