Testimonials & Achievements

Your insight on the format of the memo, probable lay outs and pre-set word settings were great. Session was not-so-formal and interactive which made it easier to talk about the doubts arising in between.


I really appreciate the interactive and student friendly teaching method. They USP is the process is more about self learning and you are able to motivate students to learn through the sessions.


The BEST thing was surely the faculty who helped us get acquainted with Memorials and helped us get an edge over my friends in other law schools. A workshop like this never happened in any law college before. Thank you so much!


Students trained by us have won awards at various moot court competitions including:

The way you guys put the things into place by making us understand each and every bit of formatting and drafting thats the best. Every student was attended if he had a problem in not understanding so thats the thing that makes the difference.


The best part was that all the uses of various features of MS Word were made very clear! and the stuff that we learnt would come to use even beyond the ambit of memo making, for example formatting and compiling projects.


It is easy to say why this’ll be a remarkable venture in the future. We recognize and appreciate the hard work that you guys have put in to learning and your willingness to impart it to everyone else is commendable! I, for one, am really happy to have been there. Please keep going strong guys!

Ganesh GopalakrishnaN

The interaction of the faculty was commendable as they were doing great to help each and every student individually in a class of 180 students. Highly appreciated.


I really liked the attention which every student got. What we learned is something we couldn’t have learned in class or on our own.


The teaching method was student friendly. Really beneficial for the first years since they don’t even know the ABC of a memorial.


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