International Women’s Day Conference | Lex Acharya

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LexAcharya India in Collaboration with Legal Humming is organizing the 1st International Conference on the theme “What is holding back women in achieving equality in Developing Countries” on 8th March 2021.

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  • To analyse that are Equal Rights been given to Women in Developing Countries or Not.
  • Study the Modern challenges faced by Women in getting Equal Rights in Developing Countries.
  • To analyse the issues faced by women because of the Mentality of people in society.
  • Analyse the issues and challenges that are faced by women in getting Equal Rights in different fields.
  • To provide assistance to Women and create public awareness about the rights of Women mentioned in the Constitution of India.

Sub Themes

  • Differential treatment is given to Men and Women belonging to the same category
  • Current Global and National Trends and Challenges and their Impact on Gender Equality
  • Economic Underdevelopment as a Cause of Gender Inequality
  • Cultural Factors that Cause Gender Inequality
  • Implementing the Internationally Agreed Goals and Commitments in Regard to Gender Equality
  • Policy Approaches to Reduce Gender Bias

Payment details

  • Payment details – If not presenting a paper
    Students (U.G and P.G): Rs.200
    Research scholars and PhD scholars: Rs.400
    Academicians: Rs.800
    Others: Rs.1000
  • Payment Details- If Presenting Paper
    Students(U.G and P.G): Rs.300
    Research scholars and PhD scholars: Rs.600
    Academicians: Rs.900
    Others: Rs.1200
  • Paytm, Phone Pe, Google Pay can be done on 8847230400. Please send the screenshot after doing the payment.

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Registration Details

  • An early-bird registration fee of Rs.100 per participant is applicable for candidates registering till 27th February 2021.
  • Following this, a registration fee of Rs.200 will be applicable per participant.
  • This fee covers entry to both the Morning and Evening Sessions of the Conference.
  • The fee will not be refunded once paid. For Paper Presentations Early Bird Fee is 200 for Students till 27th February 2021.
  • On successful participation, students will be provided with a participation certificate. All interested students must pre-register.
  • Upon preliminary registration, the organizers, subject to availability of seats, shall share the complete registration details and modalities of payment of the registration fee.

Important Dates

  • Last date for Abstract Submission: 28th February 2021
  • Last date for Submitting Full Paper: 7th March 2021
  • Payment deadline: 7th March 2021


Please feel free to contact our Coordinators:

International Women's Day conference by lex acharya

International Women's Day

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