Vidhi- The Legal Internship | Think India: Applications Open!

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Vidhi– The Legal Internship is the Litigation Internship Program of Think India, is a medium for finest Young Law Students to connect and involve them with the diverse network of law practitioners striving for excellence in the field of law and contribute in empowering society and citizens.

VIDHI aims at training and promoting a generation of lawyers and legal practitioners who are socially awakened. The program will help law students in understanding the procedural aspects and knowledge to excel in the profession along with serving the society and the nation.

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About the Internship

“VIDHI” offers a 4-week internship program with leading lawyers and organizations which will expose the students to the real challenges and complexities in the legal system which a lawyer comes across in his routine career and to be well versed with the professional requirements which helps them later, is flourishing as a successful legal proficient.

Scope of Vidhi

Number of lawyers’
chambers students can intern
50 independent litigating lawyers including 25
Senior Advocates of Supreme Court
To name a few ASG of India – Sr. Adv. Vikramjit Banerjee
ASG of India – Adv. P. S. Narsimha
ASG of India – Atmaram Nadkarni
Sr. Adv. Shekhar Nephade
Sr. Adv. Rana Mukherjee
Sr. Adv. P. H. Parekh
Adv. Madhavi Diwan
Available Seats 50 students Per Batch
Internship given so far 700+

Application Procedure

  • First Step: Login/Sign up, here
  • Step 2: Click Internship
  • Step 3: Select Vidhi
  • Final Step: Fill the form

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