Online Internship Program | Kanoon Sangrah

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Kanoon Sangrah is a group of passionate young Law Students working to improve the Legal fabric of India. We work to provide Legal News and Legal Awareness to every individual. Kanoon Sangrah aims to provide a platform to those with blue-sky perspectives about the law.

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About the Program

Kanoon Sangrah is starting an online internship program for students currently pursuing law. Our aim is to help the students develop quality research skills and learn how to build a good CV.


  • All interns shall be awarded a certificate after successful completion of the Internship.
  • Task Conduct Report (TCR) of each intern shall be prepared by the Management Committee after completion of the task by the interns.
  • The top 5 participants shall get a chance to publish their article on our website, subject to qualification of Terms and conditions.
  • Every week there will be the Best Intern of the week as per their work.
  • There will be a Performer of Internship.

Rules and Regulations

The students have to keep in mind these rules while pursuing their internships:

  • The students shall be given certain tasks to be done within a specified amount of time. If they fail to complete such tasks, it shall lead to their disqualification.
  • All the details provided by the student in their CV should be true.
  • Please note that all the interns must have minimum qualification marks for receiving the internship certificate.


The student(s) should currently be pursuing their Bachelor`s Degree in law, either in 3-year LL.B course or 5 years integrated LL.B course from any recognized university.

Information Required

Contact Number, Email Id and Place of residence.

Total Intake

The total intake of the participants shall be 15.


The total time period of the internship shall be one month.

Application Process

The candidates are required to mail their CV, here

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For any queries related to the Online Internship Program, please contact:

  • PRITAM MIRDHA – 7908492087
  • DRISHTI JAIN – 8018881088

Online Internship Program by kanoon sangrah

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Lipi Garg

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