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About Jain & Partners

JAIN & PARTNERS is an IPR & Corporate law consultancy firm. It provides services to domestic companies, start-ups and individuals for their overseas investment and also to foreign companies and individuals for their investment in India in all respects including Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law, Foreign Exchange Management Law, Import-Export Law and Taxation Law etc. Besides a vibrant and enthusiastic team of young professionals with good academic and practice backgrounds, our team of professionals consists of persons with a diverse and rich experience like Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, M.B.As, B.Scs, M.Scs and Lawyers.

The firm has been established to provide ongoing or ad hoc advice on all kinds of matters to both large and small companies. We believe we are in a position to offer prompt and effective consultancy services to our clients and have a creative and positive approach toward solutions to problems as they arise. Time, quality and cost, being critical factors in all projects, our firm has been frequently appreciated for the quick turnaround on complex matters at a competitive cost.

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About the Internship Opportunity

Looking for a Legal intern for a period of a minimum of 4 months. Kindly note that it will be a physical internship. Therefore, the candidate is required to come office on daily basis.

Area of Law

Intellectual Property Rights with prime focus on “Trademark Law”.


Eligibility for the Internship Opportunity at Jain & Partners is prior experience in the field of trademark law.

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Perks of the Internship Opportunity at Jain & Partners performance-based stipend.

Application Form


In case of any queries, reach out to


Palak Gupta

Palak Gupta

Palak is an Assistant Publishing Editor at Memo Pundits. She is from Symbiosis Law School, Nagpur. She is highly organized and uses a series of tools to help herself stay on top of deadlines. Always proactive about seeking new opportunities, she seeks growth in every aspect of her life.

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