Internship Opportunity with Law Mentoring: Apply by Nov 30

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Share on email is the First Legal Mentorship Programme in India that caters to an individual’s need for the preparation of the Judicial Service Examination in various states in India, applying to L.L.M abroad and securing a scholarship, how to maximize one’s potential in law school and what are the career options after a law degree. Our goal is to ensure that everyone is mentored with the right aptitude and mentorship is made accessible to everyone. With an evident dearth of efficient mentorship programs, is providing various mentorship programs to law students across India. We, at Law Mentoring, have rolled out four unique Mentorship Programs catering to the various needs of law students, including those studying in 11th and 12th standard.

To apply for Paid Internship Opportunity with Memo Pundits, click here

About the Internship

Vacancies are open for the membership of:

Content Team

We aim to manufacture and provide the general audience with our own content which would be copyright of Law Mentoring. We would be also rolling out general informative content on daily basis on our official social media handles. The Content Team would be responsible to ensure that there’s no delay in the content which we aim to provide on time.

Website & Technical Team

Our website is based upon WordPress hence we look for people who have a know-how about the same. We aim to build it as the best in class and hence are looking proper SEO as well.

Marketing Team

These will be our specific people whose sole task would be Planning, Strategizing and Implementing different approaches in order to boost our market existence and grow effectively.

Video Production

We aim to look out for people who have a knowledge of iMovie or Adobe Premiere Pro or Filmora or Final Cut Pro and can help us producing appealing videos for the general audience.

Graphics & Design

We wish to take in people who have prior knowledge and can work on Canva or Adobe Spark or Photoshop or PicsArt.


We’ll be requiring memers who can make the general viewers at least smile if not laugh.

Digital Media Team

We will be requiring dedicated handlers for our official social media account. If you have a decent knowledge of Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn/Youtube, you are the person for us

Promotional Executive

Your basic job would be to promote Law Mentoring in your campus and among your personal contacts and connections via your social media outreach. It can be Instagram Stories or WhatsApp Statuses or anything else. The basic aim is to spread the word and make the concept of Law Mentoring a huge hit.


Anyone pursuing an Under-Graduate or Post Graduate degree from any College or University.


Top Performers would receive (along with other benefits mentioned below):

  • Monetary Stipend up to Rs. 2000 (On the completion of tenure & based on your involvement & contribution in work)
  • Exclusive One-on-one Personal Mentorship Session on any Package of your choice.
  • Guaranteed Internship Opportunities under reputed Lawyers/Law Firms/NGOs.
  • Discount coupons worth Rs. 250 on our upcoming products.
  • Assured Gift hamper by Team Law Mentoring.

All others would receive:

  • A Certificate of Excellence
  • Letter Of Recommendation (By a distinguished Legal Luminary)
  • Assured CV Review by professionals + Re-Structuring Guidance (If Required)
  • Guaranteed Monetary Commission on Sale of every package and on every event enrolment.
  • Free entry to all the flagship events of Law Mentoring.
  • Exclusive workshop worth Rs. 300 on Career and Opportunities in Law.


3 Months

Application Procedure

  • To apply for Internship Opportunity with Law Mentoring, click here
  • Application Deadline: Nov 30

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For any queries regarding the application procedure of the Internship Opportunity with Law Mentoring, feel free to Text/Call:

  • Prakhar Mishra (Co-Founder) – 9827541515
  • Govind Singh (Co-Founder) – 8791263747

Internship Opportunity with Law Mentoring

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