Internship Opportunity with Index of Reviews (IOR)

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Index of Reviews is an all-in-one platform to share honest reviews of schools, colleges, companies, or anything related to education. The power of one honest review can change the life of many individuals. It helps the individual understand which are the best-rated colleges around for any course, which school is best for their children, which company is best to work with. We help you in making better decisions and the community we are trying to build is one of a kind where the experienced ones can guide the rest of the audience and help them decide what is right for them and what is not.

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  • Assistance with online and offline outreach & promotions of IOR using social media and live interactions.
  • Researching and generating a list of potential audiences or clients and approaching them for business.
  • Regularly maintaining and updating databases of potential audience and regular interactions.
  • Publishing regular reviews on the website.
  • Engagement on various other interesting ongoing projects.


  • Free access to all our sessions, workshops and courses.
  • Flexible timings (we just expect targets to be achieved and work was done).
  • Meeting and networking with industry professionals and great mentors.
  • A Letter of Recommendation.
  • The incentive would be given once we become a profit-making establishment with your help.
  • Full opportunity to work on your own ideas and using your creative side to build something innovative.

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Registration Details

So in order to apply for the position we need you to drop a cover letter/CV in which you need to have the following details. Share the letter at

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Id
  • School/College/University
  • Course and Year
  • Achievements (maximum 5).
  • What kind of person are you (minimum 150 words)?
  • Interests/Hobbies?
  • Why do you think this is the right opportunity for you?

Official Notification

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Lipi Garg

Lipi Garg

Lipi is the Assistant Publishing Editor of Memo Pundits. For help in publishing details of any event, please email at

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