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About CM Law Chambers

Founded in 2018, CM Law Chambers is a multi-speciality law firm serving individuals, businesses and other entities throughout Delhi/NCR and other parts of the country. Founding partners, Mr Mayank Maini & Mr Anmol Chadha, two like-minded advocates with diverse experience in different fields of the law came together to provide practical, innovative and custom-made strategies and solutions to its clients. CM Law Chambers consists of quality professionals every team member is dedicated to the goal of clients and to delivering excellence all the time. We believe in the words of Mr Henry Ford that “ If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”, hence we too believe in working as a team and providing exemplary services. In addition to this, our firm gives much importance to a high degree of professionalism and responsiveness in all our activities. Our professionals are known for their attitude and dedication which help the firm to deliver client satisfaction.

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The intern will be required to conduct legal research, draft legal documents, and occasionally accompany the associates to attend Court proceedings and client conferences during the CM Law Chambers Internship.


  • Availability for a minimum of one month of Internship Opportunity at CM Law Chambers.
  • The candidate should either be having experience or want to gain experience in the field of Criminal and Civil Litigation work.

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Application Process

Send in your CV along with Cover Letter with the Subject for an Internship Opportunity at CM Law Chambers

  • Title: Internship Application & Name.
  • Once the CV is received, a round of interviews will be conducted remotely through online mode.
  • Emails to be sent to:
  • And must CC to:


Palak Gupta

Palak Gupta

Palak is an Assistant Publishing Editor at Memo Pundits. She is from Symbiosis Law School, Nagpur. She is highly organized and uses a series of tools to help herself stay on top of deadlines. Always proactive about seeking new opportunities, she seeks growth in every aspect of her life.

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