Internship and Volunteering Opportunity at Kiran Bedi’s India Vision Foundation, New Delhi

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Internship with India Vision Foundation and together help us to #SaveTheNextVictim Interning with India Vision Foundation provides an opportunity to learn new skills and strengthen existing ones. All our interns/volunteers get a live experience of interacting and working with beneficiaries from our projects.

Associated with more than 19 prisons across 4 states and reaching out to more than 500 children of incarcerated parents India Vision Foundation is a pioneer in prison reforms.

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  • 3 Months


  • The intern would be expected to have their own arrangements for boarding & lodging.
  • Candidates are expected to visit the website and offer in advance which the project they would like to be associated with.
  • Candidates are expected to gather all information about the organization through the website before joining.
  • Once the project is chosen the intern will be linked with the particular project’s manager who will be supervising all duties assigned.
  • The organization expects the presence of the interns in the daily 10 am meeting.
  • Interns would be expected to carry out field visits whenever the need arises.
  • There will be a weekly review of work done by the supervisor
  • Fortnightly submission of reports is expected.
  • Interns will be judged by their own initiative & enthusiasm.
  • If the report is found to be of very high quality it will be uploaded on the website
  • A certificate of experience will be provided to all interns.
  • Any other as per the need of the program.

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Application Procedure

To register for Internship with India Vision Foundation, mail to or

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Recommendation letter from your Institute /collage/faculty
  • Specify the project that you would like to associate

Website Link

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