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Harvard Law School Residential Fellowship Program offers full or partial doctoral and post-doctoral fellowship support to a small number of scholars pursuing research in areas related to the IGLPs ongoing work. The number of Fellowships awarded each year depends upon the available funding.

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Applicants considered for Fellowships are those whose work is challenging, original and focuses on progressive and alternative ideas within international law. Often, work of this nature is not supported by mainstream institutional resources. IGLP strives to give opportunities for diverse ideas to flourish. IGLP Fellows are integral members of the Institute and provide valuable programming insight and assistance with the execution of our conferences and workshops.


  • The Institute welcomes all interested doctoral and post-doctoral scholars who are currently pursuing research in the areas of global law, economic policy, and social justice to apply for our residential Fellowships.
  • Alumni of IGLP Workshops are especially encouraged to apply.

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  • Fellows are awarded a competitive stipend commensurate with experience and taking into consideration other research support held by Fellows.
  • The Fellowship also includes a shared office at the Institute, a computer and printer.
  • Access to the Law School’s Libraries as well as other libraries at Harvard.
  • With the permission of the teaching faculty member, IGLP Fellows may audit Law School courses on a non-credit basis.

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