Rajya Sabha Fellowship: Checkout the details now!

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The Fellowship scheme focuses on various aspects of the functioning of parliamentary institutions and the issues and challenges facing these institutions. There shall be four Fellowships.

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  • The Fellowship is open to scholars who have relevant educational qualification/experience for undertaking the study in line with the objective of the Scheme.
  • Former Members of Parliament/ State Legislatures and former officers of Parliament/State Legislature Secretariats are also eligible to apply.
  • An applicant for the Fellowship should be between 25-65 years of age at the time of application (to be relaxed by RAC in case of deserving applicants)
  •  An applicant should have a minimum Master’s degree in social science, law and other related disciplines relevant to the subject of study. Preference will be given to those who possess higher qualifications of M.Phil. and PhD.


The Fellowships will be for a period of 18 months (extendable upto six months) from the date of award of the Fellowship.

Areas of Study

  • The Fellows shall, inter alia, undertake a study of the impact assessment of major legislations, the functioning of parliamentary Committees, the efficacy of major parliamentary devices, institutional/ procedural reforms in Indian Parliament vis-à-vis other Commonwealth Parliaments, etc.
  • The RAC will finalise the broad themes for research by the Fellows from the proposals received from the Members of the RAC or from the list of themes suggested by the Rajya Sabha Secretariat or even from the proposals received from the applicants.

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Project Monitoring and Responsibilities of the Fellows

  • The Fellows are required to submit a six-monthly status report about the assigned research work to the RAC for its consideration.
  • The Fellows will make a presentation to the Committee once a year for an interactive review of the progress of work. The Fellows will be required to take into account the inputs and suggestions made by the RAC during the periodic review of work.
  • The Fellows are required to submit a research report to RAC at the end of the tenure. The RAC will consider the draft report submitted by the Fellows for acceptance/further direction.

Publication of the Report of the Fellows

  • The RAC will accord approval for the publication of the research study on a case-to-case basis.
  • The Fellows may get the research study published at their end after obtaining due approval from the RAC. If the Fellows get their Reports published, in that case, they will supply 15 copies of each of the publication to the Rajya Sabha Secretariat on a complimentary basis.
  • Rajya Sabha Secretariat may, however, publish the Report if so requested by the Fellows provided the RAC recommends the Report to be published by the Rajya Sabha Secretariat.
  • In case the research study is published by the Rajya Sabha Secretariat, due credit will be given to the author and the copyright will rest with the Rajya Sabha Secretariat.
  • In addition, the following disclaimer shall be prominently printed on the back of the inner title page of the Book, if published by the Fellows:
    ‘The publication of the Book has been sponsored by the Rajya Sabha Secretariat as a part of its support to the recipient of Rajya Sabha Fellowship. The responsibility for the facts stated or opinions expressed is entire of the author and not of the Rajya Sabha Secretariat”

Research Grant

  • The total amount of research grant for each Fellowship will be Rs.8 lakh for the entire duration. The schedule of the release of the funds will be as follows:
    (a) 20% of the amount payable at the time of the selection;
    (b) 30% of the amount after the submission of the first draft report;
    (c) 30% of the amount after the submission of the final draft report. The final draft shall be submitted not later than two months before the end of the tenure; and
    (d) the remaining amount shall be paid after approval of the report by the Chairman, Rajya Sabha.
  • Besides, there shall be a contingency grant of Rs.50,000 for the entire duration.
  • The release of the Research Grant will be subject to the recommendations of the RAC.
  • The entire cost of the research project shall have to be met by the Fellows out of the Research Grant mentioned above.

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Mode of Selection

  • The applications shall be considered by the RAC which shall recommend a panel of the names to the Chairman, Rajya Sabha for grant of Fellowships. The Committee may also suggest on its own name(s) of eminent scholars for the Fellowships.
  • The applicants will be required to send their particulars in the prescribed formats (ANNEXURE-I, Ia & Ib) duly filled in, along with a synopsis of the research proposal.

Official Notification

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