Lex Valorem and J. P. Sharma & Associates’ Quiz Competition (Aug 15)

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The Quiz will be conducted on 5 different topics
1. Constitutional Law
2. Indian Penal Code
3. Contracts Act
4. Criminal Procedure Code
5. Landmark judgments
The number of questions for each topic will be 20 and the time allotted with be 15 minutes. The google form will get automatically submitted after 15 minutes.

Registration Fee

The Registration fees is ₹50 for each subject. And ₹200 for all 5 subjects.


The Quiz is open to all.
RULES for the Quiz
1. Participation as a team is not allowed.
2. Questions are of Multiple Choice.
3. The quiz will be of 15 minutes duration.
4. You can attempt the quiz only once.
5. There are a total 20 questions.
6. Each question carries one mark. No negative marking for wrong answers.
7. The results declared would be final and the authority vests with the law code to change or modify the same.
8. In the case of the same marks, Time will be considered (Person who submits early will be given preference).
9. Any technical issue faced by any participant shall entirely be at his responsibility and organizers owe no liability/responsibility towards the same.
10. Participants shall ensure decent internet connectivity and are advised to be online at least 30 minutes before the quiz begins.
11. Certificate of Participation will be given to all participants.
12. All certificates shall be in digital form and will be sent on the e-mail id provided during the time of registration.
13. The decision of the Organizers shall be final and binding in relation to any matter connected with the competition.
14. Participants are advised to check their WhatsApp group regularly for updates.

For further details

Contact: +91 95800 58685 (Prashant Sharma)
                +91 9140455654 (Yukta Dubey)
                 +91 87956 69955 (Suryansh Goyal)
Link for google form
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