National Debate Competition by Law Dexter [Prizes worth ₹6100]: Oct 24-25

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The whole idea of debate and discussions offers a positive platform to analyze modern communication’s wonders and challenges attached to it. A logical and rational debate not only empowers the society but also provides a way forward for the future. One cannot discard the idea of modern communication web and its importance in imparting the valuable information. “Law Dexter’s National Debate Competition” is a national debate competition by Law Dexter. The competition aims to enhance the oratory and debating skills of participants and take away experience, expertise and excellence.
The competition shall be judged by a panel of eminent jury members and we hope that
through this platform, students get another activity to exercise their brains and maintain
the spirit of education despite being locked inside their homes.

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About the Topic

‘This house believes that same-sex marriage should be legally recognized’

After the decriminalization of section 377, the Supreme Court has legalized homosexuality in India. The next Debate here is the issue of legalizing same-sex marriage. The same-sex marriage as understood by LGBTQI people is not simply a question about the policing love rather it is a question of providing them with certain inalienable rights which a couple gets after their marriage is legally recognized.

Their marriage must be recognized as every other marriage in our country is legally recognized. Recognition of their marriage will promote equality and also protect the right to life and personal liberty. But on the other hand, such a marriage goes against the norms of our Indian society. In India, a marriage is considered as a union between a male and a female specifically. There are various religious laws that permit marriage only between a male and a female. Many people believe that homosexuality is rather a concept from foreign nations and India is not at all in a condition to accept such kind of relationships. Now the debate which arises here is whether same-sex marriage should be legalized in India or not.

Team code for participation

• Every team shall use the allotted “TEAM CODE” as their identity for the debate.
• Participants are prohibited from disclosing their NAMES, INSTITUTE NAME, or OTHER PERSONAL INFORMATION until specifically asked by the organizers and have to put their TEAM CODE as their name in their GOOGLE MEET ACCOUNT. Teams have to mention Speaker 1 & Speaker 2 as well along with their Team Codes.

Language for the Event

  • The event shall be conducted strictly in ENGLISH and participants are allowed to communicate in English only.

Dress code for the Event

  • The dress code for the event is strictly western formals.

Mode of conduction

  • The National Debate Competition by Law Dexter will be conducted online through GOOGLE MEET. The LINK OF THE EVENT will be sent by the organizers to the participants through E-mails 15 MINUTES BEFORE THE SLOTS PROVIDED to the Participants in the schedule of events.
  • In the case of ANY KIND OF DISCREPANCY/DELAY from the scheduled time due to an unforeseen event, ORGANIZERS WOULD NOT BE LIABLE and will try to convey the updated schedule.
  • Participants have to keep their MICROPHONES MUTED throughout the debate unless it’s their turn to speak and they are called by the coordinator to speak.
  • Participants in the AUDIENCE shall keep their WEBCAMS/FRONT CAMERAS OFF.
  • Participants shall hear a SHORT BELL when 1 MINUTE would be left of their speaking time and a LONG BELL when their TIME IS OVER.
  • Team Participants are requested to SEND THE TIME DURATION of speaker 1&2 respectively via E-mail on AT LEAST 2 DAYS BEFORE the event.
  • Each team shall have in TOTAL 8 MINUTES to speak (each speaker shall speak for AT LEAST 3 MINUTES). 2 extra minutes will be allotted for the rebuttal. Speaking more than allotted time may attract NEGATIVE MARKING.
    raised by the participants.

Evaluation Criteria

The Speakers shall be evaluated on the following parameters:
1. Research & Content.
2. Cohesiveness (logical Sequence)
3. Use of Tone & assertiveness
4. Eye Contact (Memorization instead of the use of paper)
5. Adherence to the time limit
• Reading out the entire debate from a paper/other source isn’t allowed. However, one can keep a short note for reference.

Penalties and Disqualifications

• Use of foul language or use of any written document/chits/any other source during the debate will result in disqualification of the team.
• They are required to have a proper internet connection failing which will result in the disqualification of the teams and If a violation of the rules is believed to have been committed by a team or one of its members, the organizing committee may in its own discretion, upon its initiative or complaint from another team or assessor, impose a penalty or disqualify the team.

Registration Process

  • Participation fee is Rs. 200 per team
  • The payment for the same is to be made via Paytm or Google Pay on 9589571545 or via UPI (UPI ID – 9589571545@paytm)
  • The registration shall be entertained on first COME FIRST SERVE basis. Hence, it is requested to all the anticipating participants to complete the registration process as soon as possible.
  • The last date for registration is 22nd October 2020 till 23:59 Hrs. The registration portal will automatically expire on the said date or on filling up of slots, whichever is earlier.
    • To register for National Debate Competition by Law Dexter, here is the REGISTRATION LINK


  • Shreyanshi Jain 9589571545
  • Abhinav Agrawal 8889299671
  • Lovish Jain 8959464601

*Note: Contact our coordinators for any activity related information or queries.


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