Jus Dicere & Memo Pundits’ National Criminal Law Moot Court Competition 2020 (Register by July 30)

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A competition not just limited to participation but also to lifetime learning’s.

Rules & Regulations

Date & Venue

The competition will take place on August 22 to 24, 2020 via Google Meet.

General Rules
  1. The official and only language of the Competition is English.
  2. “Organizers” means the Moot Court Committee, Jus Dicere & Co.
  3. “Participating Team” means the team which has registered itself for the competition as per the rules given below.
  4. “Participants” means the speakers and the researcher of the Participating Team.
  5. The rules of the Moot Court shall be strictly adhered to. Any deviation there from them would attract disqualification or other penalties as decided by the Organizers.
  6. Decision taken by the Organizers in case of any doubt, dispute, disqualification etc shall be final and binding on the participants.
Structure of Team& Eligibility
  1. Each team will compromise of Three Student Members.
  2. Each team shall comprise of Two Speakers and One Researcher. Each team should identify such speakers and researcher during registration. The researcher won’t be allowed to speak except under special cases and only with the express permission of the organizers/Judges. However, subject to discretion of judges, researchers may be asked questions by the Bench during the rounds.
  3. This is an Open Tournament. Law students are encouraged to build a team comprising members from different law schools, different universities, across
  4. All team members should be bonafide student of 3-year or 5-year Law Course recognized bythe Bar Council of India.
  5. Registrations are completely independent of university intra college moot rounds. Participants need not have participated, nor use their intra university moot ranks to apply for competition. There is no bar on number of team from a single Law School.
  6. Each team will be given a unique team code number which will thereafter be the identity of the team and its members.
Structure of Competition
  1. Competition will take place in four rounds, Preliminary Quarter Finals, Semi Final, and Final Round.
  2. All the registered teams will appear in Preliminary Rounds.
  3. Top 8 qualified teams from preliminary round will compete in Quarter Final Rounds and top 4 teams will qualify for the Semi Final Rounds. This shall be on knock-out basis.
  4. The Problem is based on Constitutional and Criminal Law of Republic of Indiana. The Proposition for the competition is attached with this brochure.
Assistance during Competition

During all Rounds, participants are allowed to use any book, legal database, reference, printed material, laptop or digital device to research and assist them. However, participants are encouraged to use open source, digital resources.

Memorial Submission Guidelines
    1. The Memorials should be maximum 40 pages in entirety with the Arguments Advanced not more than 25 pages.
    2. The contents of the Memorial shall be in Times New Roman, Font size 12 and the line spacing 1.5. Footnotes should be Font size 10 and the line spacing 1.0.
    3. The Memorials t should be submitted both in word and in .pdf format via submission form attached in confirmation email.
    4. The participants shall follow 19th Edition Blue Book Citation.
Evaluation Criteria and Score Sheet
  1. Memorial from each side shall carry a total of 100 marks in terms of the break up as provided below.
    1. Knowledge of Law & Facts
    2. Interpretation of Law & its application
    3. Research Capabilities
    4. Concept Clarity
    5. Correct usage of language, grammar, style and citation of sources (20 marks each)
  1. The scoring factor shall include but not be limited to knowledge of facts and law, analysis of the legal proposition, extent and use of research, clarity and organization, originality, grammar and style.
  2. In the preliminary round consolidated score shall be calculated out of a total of 600 marks. The breakup of marks will be 100 marks for the memorial of each side (Applicant and Respondent) and 200 marks for each speaker (100 marks as Applicant/Petitioner and 100 marks as Respondent). Oral round shall be scored as per the criteria for the speaker as mentioned below. In case of a tie, highest memorial marks will be taken into consideration for selection to the next round. The speakers shall be tested inter alia on the following:
    1. Knowledge & Interpretation of Law
    2. Application of law to the facts of the case
    3. Ability to answer questions
    4. Style, poise, courtesy, body language
    5. Time management & Team coordination (20 marks each)
  1. After clearing the preliminary round, top eight teams shall be selected for the quarter-final round. Memorial from each side shall carry a total of 100 marks in terms of the break up as provided above.
  2. In the advanced rounds, consolidated score shall be calculated out of a total of 200 marks (100 marks for each speaker). In case of a tie, team with higher memorial score shall be adjudged winner of the round. In case the tie persists, the team with the highest individual score of speaker in the round shall be adjudged winner of the round.
  1. The O.C. reserves the right to amend, modify, change or repeal any of the competition rules at any stage.
  2. The O.C. shall communicate any changes made in the competition rules to the participating teams.
  3. If a team believes that violation of the rules of the competition has taken place at any stage of the competition, the team (s) within half an hour after the completion of the round in which violation has allegedly occurred should register a complaint with the Grievance Cell which shall be constituted specifically for such purpose. Teams under no circumstances shall approach the Judges with any complaints.
  4. The organiser’s decision shall be final in all matters concerning the competition.
  5. The organizers shall not be responsible for any loss or slow internet connection during the competition. All the participants are requested to arrange a sound internet connection at their end.

Registration & Participation Guidelines

Registration Fees:

₹1500/- per team

Registration Fees is inclusive of competition fees, certificate and souvenir to all participants.

In order to register for the competition, a representative from your team (official team contact for all further communication) must do the following:

  1. Complete & submit the online Preliminary Registration Form, which is available at www.jusdicere.in/moot, by the deadlines specified in the official schedule.
  2. On the confirmation of Preliminary Registration, ensure payment of registration fees of 1500/- by the deadline mentioned in confirmation email. Registration Fees can be paid via NEFT/UPI/Debit or Credit Card/Netbanking.
  3. Upon payment, registered team will receive team code and other important information regarding the competition.
Orientation & Writing Workshop

Each team will be required to be part of Orientation Workshop on August 22, 2020 hosted by Mentors of Memo Pundits. It will help the participant to learn the art and nuances of Mooting.

Awards & Appreciations

    • Winner : Cash Prize of ₹25000/-, Internship Opportunity with Law Firm & Gift Hamper from Sponsor
    • Runner-up : Cash Prize of ₹15000/-, Internship Opportunity with Law Firm & Gift Hamper from Sponsor
    • Special Awards
      1. Best Memorial : Cash Prize of ₹10000/- & Gift Hamper from Sponsor
      2. Best Speaker : Cash Prize of ₹10000/- & Gift Hamper from Sponsor

Important Dates

      • Release of Brochure & Moot Problem : July 12, 2020
      • Preliminary Registration Closes : July 30, 2020
      • Deadline for Fee Payment : August 03, 2020
      • Deadline for Clarification Request : August 05, 2020
      • Release of Clarification Sheet : August 07, 2020
      • Deadline for Memorial Submission: August 15, 2020

Schedule of Competition

Day 1 – August 22, 2020
  • Inaugural & Orientation Workshop : 09:00 AM to 11.30 AM
  • Preliminary Rounds : 12:00 PM to 05.30 PM
Day 2 – August 23, 2020
  • Quarters Finals Rounds : 12:00 PM to 03.00 PM
  • Semi Finals Rounds : 04:00 PM to 06.30 PM
Day 3 – August 24, 2020
  • Finals Rounds : 01:00 PM to 01.00 PM
  • Valedictory Session : 03:00 PM to 04.30 PM

Contact Details –

Ms. Kuhoo Bajpai : +91 84333 93750 | Mr. Parag Agrawal: +91 84484 43951

Email : moot@jusdicere.co.in

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