ICFAI Hyderabad’s Shri NJY 5th Memorial National Virtual Moot Court Competition 2020: Oct 17-19 (Register by Oct 5)

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The ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad is organizing the Shri NJY 5th Memorial National Virtual Moot Court Competition 2020 at ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad from October 16th-18th 2020 as a part of its yearly grandeur event, Lex Knot 2020.


Members of the team must be Undergraduate students pursuing a recognized Bachelor of Law programme, from the institutes recognized by the Bar Council of India.

Team Composition

Each team shall consist only of two speakers and/ or one researcher but in no case more than 3 participants in total. The team may consist of two speakers only, as well.



Important Dates

  • Registration Opens: August 25th, 2020
  • Registration Closes on: September 25th, 2020

Last day of Submission of the memorial:

Problem 1: October 5th, 2020

Problem 2: October 10th, 2020

Written memorials to be sent to mootcourt@ifheindia.org.

Registration Details

The registration link is here.

  • The teams will have to register themselves by completing and submitting the Registration before 11.59 pm IST on 25.09.2020.
  • The Registration Forms will have to be completed and submitted with all material particulars by the teams. Incomplete Registration Forms shall not be accepted.
  • The Registration Fee for registering and participating in the competition is Rs. 1,500/- (Rupees One Thousand Five Hundred Only).
  • The teams successfully registering as aforesaid will be provided with a team code and the email will be sent on the email address provided by the teams in the contact details forming part of the Registration Form.
  • Once the teams have been provided the Team code, the said code will have to be mentioned by the teams in all future communication(s) with the Organizers.


Dr. M. Madhuri Irene, Associate Professor, Faculty In-charge, Moot Court Society

Mobile: 9247133349, madhuriirene[at]ifheindia.org

Mr. Dilip Sharma, Assistant Professor, Co-coordinator

Mobile: 7698737458, Email: dilipsharma[at]ifheindia.org

Student Coordinator: Ms. Amulya Sri, 9640140884, amulyasri123[at]gmail.com

Important Links

For the brochure, click here.

Moot Problem 1, click here.

Moot Problem 2, click here.

For the website link, click here.

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