Blog Writing Competition | Fortnightly [Prizes for All + No Reg. Fee]

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Memo Pundits India’s first Mooting School for law students, founded in 2014 by Anant Gupta and Rachnendra Tripathi. It is a unique platform that creates content and courses to bridge the learning gap between a classroom and a courtroom. What sets it apart is its teaching methodology, which is far from any traditional Indian online courses. All online courses are based on Harvard University’s “Active Learning” model, which makes sure that learning is always interactive and fun! 

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About the Competition

Memo Pundits is elated to conduct a recurring Blog Writing Competition (starting from Feb 28) where participants will get a chance to express their views on unconventional and contemporary themes. 

The aim is to make your viewpoint accessible to the legal community through our platform. 


The theme of the blog can be anything from the following:

  1. Contemporary legal topics 
  2. Moot Court guidance for mooters
  3. Career and Internship guidance for law students
  4. Research and Drafting guidance for law students

The blog should add value and contribute to the knowledge of law students.


All law students, academicians, and practising lawyers are invited to participate.

Important Dates

  • Submission deadline – 15th or last day of every month
  • Result declaration – within 15 days of the submission deadline

Registration Fee

Participation will be free without any registration fee. 

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Submission Guidelines

  • Please submit your blog and fill in the required details using this link.
  • Word limit: Minimum 800 words. Maximum 2000 words.
  • Single authorship or co-authorship up to 1co- author only (Not More than 2 authors per article)
  • For a given fortnight, only one submission per author(s) is permitted.
  • The topic of the blog should fall within the theme of this competition.
  • Plagiarism is prohibited. Authors should ensure that they are submitting their original work. In case the blog is plagiarised, you will be banned from submitting any blogs on our website.
  • All submissions must be made in .doc or .docx format of MS Word.
  • The blog document must contain the following on the 1st page:
    Author’s Name
    Name of the University/WorkPlace
    Year of study
    Title of the Blog
    Phone number (Whatsapp and Calling)

Judgment Criteria

  • The relevance of the Topic – Topic should not just be relevant but must also pique the interest of the readers.
  • The novelty of topic – The ideas must be original and not merely a paraphrasing of any existing articles/blogs.
  • Language and Grammar –
  • Easily comprehensible language should be used while avoiding any grammatical errors like punctuation and spelling errors.
  • Effective Expression: Sentences should be short and crisp delivering effective expression in the least number of words.
  • Cohesive blog structure: The idea must flow in an organized chain of thought.
  • An interactive piece of writing using relevant keywords – The blog article must be interactive in nature to hold the reader’s attention. An attempt must be made to use keywords that are generally used on Search Engines by users. Here’s a guide that might help you in optimizing keyword usage.

Adherence to submission guidelines is mandatory.

Perks for Winners

1st Prize

  • Blog publication on our Knowledge Centre
  • Discount coupon worth INR 1,500 for Memo Pundits courses (3-month validity)
  • Certificate of Merit

2nd Prize

  • Blog publication on our Knowledge Centre
  • Discount coupon worth INR 1,200 for Memo Pundits courses (3-month validity)
  • Certificate of Merit

3rd Prize

  • Blog publication on our Knowledge Centre
  • Discount coupon worth INR 1,000 for Memo Pundits courses (3-month validity)
  • Certificate of Merit

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Remaining Participants

  • Discount coupon worth INR 100 for Memo Pundits courses (3-month validity)
  • Certificate of Participation if submission guidelines are followed


  • In case of any queries related to the Fortnightly Blog Writing Competition, please write to us at
  • You can also reach us via WhatsApp:
    Lipi Garg
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Lipi Garg

Lipi Garg

Lipi is the Assistant Publishing Editor of Memo Pundits. For help in publishing details of any event, please email at

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