Blog Writing Competition by NUJS and SITC: Submit by Apr 10


About the Organizers

The Society for International Trade and Competition Law (‘SITC’) is an academic society of the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (‘WBNUJS’), Kolkata. Its aim is to increase awareness with respect to the two legal fields of competition and international trade law among law students and the public at large. They are organising the NUJS Conflux Competition.

About the Blog Writing Competition

The blog teams of the NUJS Society for International Trade and Competition Law (SITC) and NUJS Intellectual Property and Technology Laws Society (IPTLS) are collaborating to organise a blog writing ‘CONFLUX’ wherein entries can be sent on the topic – ‘Intersection of IP and Competition Laws‘.

Winning 5 entries will be published on both the IPTLS and SITC blogs.

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Concept Note

The two regimes of Competition and IP together work in a balance to safeguard market interests as well as promote innovation and thus through this collaboration both societies aim to promote discourse in this area.


Submissions must be on the interface of IP and competition laws. Some suggested broad heads are given below however authors are free to choose any topic of their choice.

    • Patent pools and competition
    • Licensing, FRAND terms, and competition
    • Competition aspects of royalties
    • Exhaustion of copyright and competition implications, etc.

Submission Guidelines

  • Word Limit: Not less than 1500 words
  • All submissions MUST provide in-text hyperlinks to the sources (available online) referred in the article.
  • In addition to such hyperlinks, endnotes MUST also be provided for all sources. These endnotes must be in the NUJS Law Review Format.
  • Co-authorship of up to two authors is allowed.
  • Articles should be divided into suitable headings to increase readability and navigation.

Formatting Guidelines

The submission must be in

  • Font: Times New Roman,
  • Alignment: Justified,
  • Font Size: Size 12,
  • Line Spacing: 1.5
  • Format: must be sent as a Word Document (version 2007 or beyond).

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Submission Guidelines

  • Author details must NOT BE present in any form in the submitted word document.
  • Such details are to be provided ONLY in the body of the email, and should be as follows; Author’s Name, Uni/Institution/Firm/Place of Practice, Year of Study (if applicable), Contact email, and Contact no.
  • All submissions must ONLY be mailed to:

Submission Deadline

Submit your entries for NUJS Conflux by April 10, 2022.


The Top 5 entries will be published on the IPTLS and SITC Blogs.


Palak Gupta

Palak Gupta

Palak is an Assistant Publishing Editor at Memo Pundits. She is from Symbiosis Law School, Nagpur. She is highly organized and uses a series of tools to help herself stay on top of deadlines. Always proactive about seeking new opportunities, she seeks growth in every aspect of her life.

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