Online Certificate Course on Climate Change & International Environmental Law (Legal Utility)

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We all are witnessing hard times due to COVID 19 and other man-made disaster making life on planet in peril. From 2018-2020 earth has experienced many fury of cyclones, hurricane, forestfire, earthquake, drought which has claimed life of millions. Fury of climate change is destroying earth habitat of flora and fauna. So it becomes our responsibility to understand the basis fundamental of climate change Law, climate emergency that is destroying delicate ecological balance of earth. Global environment and climate is common concern of mankind. As result of which, we are introducing the online certificate course on Climate Change and International Environmental Law which will broaden the horizon that what world is doing to combat climate change and how we can contribute in reducing the disaster by learning, following best practices and raise our voice legally in order to protect present and future generation and provide healthy and clean environment.

This programme will broaden your theoretical and legal understanding on global climate change and actions with all available international laws and institution contributing to curb impact of climate change.


Our Resource Person

Mr. Ashutosh Kumar has completed his LLB from Banaras Hindu University  and LLM  in  International Law from South Asian University.  He also served as Former Legal Officer at Asian African Legal Consultative Organisation. He is currently serving as AdvocatePro Bono, Ministry of Law and Justice.


  • To aware all about climate change jurisprudence
  • To understand relationship between climate change science and environmental law
  • To train and aware students , government officials NGOs in developing environmental activism in order to develop sustainable pattern of living and eco friendly approach.
  • Aware industries and factories to follow environmentally sound manner approach to business activity.
  • To aware latest development and sensitise  people  to develop sustainable approach action against climate change.


  • Students pursuing five-year law course or a three-year law course [in any academic year], from any University/College recognized by the Bar Council of India
  • A student pursuing LLM Programme from a college/university recognized by the Bar Council of India
  • Lawyers/environmental practitioners/NGOs/international environmental consultant/Academicians
Module 1
  • Climate change: introduction and definition
  • Common concern of mankind and impact of climate change
  • Climate justice and climate emergency
  • Relationship between climate change and environmental  Law
Module 2
  • Climate change and international environmental law .
  • Coventions /protocol
  • Principles of International Environmental Law- international case laws
  • Role of international organizations- UN  and other agencies.
  • Domestic environmental law of India – Landmarks Case Laws

Prepare a write up on any of topic relating to climate change and international environmental law (word limit 2500 words)

Registration & Participation Procedure

Candidates are required to register and pay the registration fees (INR 250/-).

You are required to pay the registration fees at 9138145591 via Google Pay or Paytm. Take the screenshot and share the same at 9138145591 via whats app.

CLICK HERE to Register

**Last date to register: July 24,2020

Successfully registered participants will be provided with important guidelines and details.

Contact us:

For queries and clarifications write to: with the subject of the mail as ‘Query-ONLINE CERTIFICATE COURSE ON CLIMATE CHANGE AND INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL LAW

Or call

Mr. Divya Bhushan – +91 8539870315

Mr. Puneet Khanna – +91 9034415200

Mr. Pulkit Goyal – +91 7015009150

Note: We are voluntary body working for environmental activism and climate change awareness. It is not for profit all expenses incurred is vested to serve resources used without any support from any organization. This programme is only meant for awareness and developing sustainable approach and develop sensitivity towards climate change in order to protect planet lives flora and fauna.

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